Friday, 14th June 2024

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Federation suspends Lars for 15 games for ‘drunk driving’…will miss rest of season

Lars will miss the 2023 season after being caught driving under the influence.

The Korean Football Association (KFA) announced on Tuesday that it held its 10th punishment committee and voted to suspend 온라인카지노 Suwon FC’s Rath for 15 games and fine him 4 million won.

Rath was caught by police on the morning of July 7 while driving while intoxicated. At the time, his blood alcohol level was confirmed to be at the level of a revoked license.

As the K League 1 has reached the 25th round, Ras will be suspended from all matches this season. Even if he stays with Suwon FC next season, he will not be able to play in the first three rounds.

In response to Rath’s DUI, Suwon FC said, “In response to this unforgivable offense committed by a foreign player who plays a pivotal role in the team, we have immediately excluded him from training and matches. In accordance with the opinion that unconditional termination of contracts, such as the recent cases of other clubs, is not helpful in preventing future recurrences, we will once again hold a meeting of the club’s player management committee to make a final decision after the outcome of the federation’s punishment committee on August 10.”

Previously, foreign players in the K League 1 and 2, including Kunimoto and Jonatan, had their contracts terminated by their clubs with immediate effect after being caught driving under the influence. It was a decisive move by the clubs.

On the other hand, some people are concerned that this precedent could be abused by players who have already made up their minds to leave their clubs, as they can be released as free agents.

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