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Fantasy contests during July 2023 was $467,043,707, up 8.85% compared to revenue generated in July 2022.

Sources of gaming revenue regulated by the PGCB include slot machines, table games, internet games, sports betting, fantasy contests, and video game terminals (VGTs). The PGCB posted a separate report on this type of game on its website, 바카라사이트 추천

For July 2023, the total tax revenue generated from all forms of gaming and fantasy contests was $192,042,819.

Slot machine revenue
July slot machine sales were $214,668,942, up 0.36% from $213,902,072 generated in July 2022.

The number of slot machines in operation in July 2023 was 25,291, compared to 25,684 in casinos in July 2022.

In July 2023, tax revenue from slot machine play was $108,615,940.

Retail Table Games Sales
Retail table game sales for July 2023 decreased year-over-year to $83,415,677, down -4% from July 2022 when sales were $86,683,278.
Total tax revenue from table gameplay for July 2023 was $13,605,377.

Internet casino-type gaming revenue
Casino games offered online generated total revenue of $132,859,997 in July 2023, up 35% from $98,570,749 in July 2022.

Tax revenues generated by Internet gameplay for July 2023 were $57,297,185.

Sports Betting Earnings
Total sports betting handle for July 2023 was $338,450,263, 0.58% higher than total $336,507,932 in July 2022, while taxable revenue for July 2023 was $32,089,785, 26% higher compared to July 2022 when taxable revenue was $25,444,500.

In July 2023, sports betting generated $11,552,323 in tax revenue.

Video Game Terminal
Video Game Terminal’s (VGT) July 2023 adjusted revenue was $3,353,420, 7.23% lower than July 2022 when revenue was $3,614,578. By the end of July 2023, VGT terminal operators were operating up to five machines allowed at 69 qualified truck stops, compared to five at 66 facilities this time last year.

In July 2023, VGT’s tax revenue collected from play was $873,611.

a fantasy contest
Fantasy Contests sales were $655,886 in July 2023, down -24% from July 2022 when sales were $858,569.

In July 2023, the revenue from the fantasy contest play was $98,383.

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