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Emerson Royal is getting the attention of AC Milan.

Luca Bianchin of the Italian media Gazeta delo Sport said, “Tottenham Hotspur are talking with Milan regarding the transfer of Emerson. Emerson is Milan’s first target. Recently, his agent has been talking with Milan regarding the summer transfer.”
Emerson is a semi-class fullback from Brazil. He is physically strong at 183 centimeters and boasts superior ability in both offense and defense. He is rugged for a Brazilian player, but he covers it with his vigorous activity and sincere movement.

After playing for Real Betis and Barcelona, he joined Tottenham Hotspur in the 2021-22 season. While seeking to strengthen his fullback career at the time, he invested a considerable amount of 25 million euros (about 36.9 billion won) to select him as the starting player. Emerson played in 41 matches, including the Cup, but was criticized by fans as his performance deteriorated over time.

Things did not change last season either. Emerson played in 36 matches, including the Cup, but scored two goals and one assist, falling short of expectations. He was also considered a “hole” in Tottenham’s defense along with Erik Dier, and fell behind in the competition after Pedro Porro joined.

His position remains the same this season. With all of the center backs injured, he replaced his players and received positive reviews, but his position has not changed much. He has played in 23 matches, including the Cup championship, which gives him a strong impression that he is a backup rather than a starting player.

The future is also uncertain. Coach Enze Postecoglou is planning a “rebuilding” this summer, and a change in the squad is also likely to be inevitable. As a result, many players are being listed as candidates for sale, and Emerson is steadily included in the list.

Against this backdrop, Milan showed interest. Neither its club nor its players have ruled out the possibility of a transfer. The issue is the transfer fee. According to Gazeta delo Sport, Tottenham wants 30 million Euros (about 44.3 billion won) for Emerson. That is a bit too much for Milan to pay.먹튀검증

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