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‘Early Soccer Club’s youngest member Kim Duck-bae’s performance as Waltzle

How many schedules did Man City have in their short visit to Korea?

Kevin De Bruyne, the “genius midfielder” who missed the second leg of the Coupang Play Series against Atletico due to injury, appeared on the popular entertainment program “SNL Korea 4”.

In the episode aired on the 5th, he played the role of Kim Duck-bae, the youngest member of the Sindorim Early Soccer Club, who appeared in a sportswear with the words ‘Sindorim Early Soccer Club’ written on it. The scene was filmed during the winter season.

Surrounded by the members of the early soccer club, he was persecuted with questions like “never dribble” and “where did you learn to play soccer,” and he was able to portray the vulnerability of the youngest member, who had to carry the side dishes himself.

The Brawlers also delivered a hilarious performance in which they sat alone at a restaurant table with all the other members away, stirred up some chicken ribs, sipped some bitter soju, and said in Korean, “Soccer…it’s hard.”

Korean soccer fans who watched the broadcast said, “Is this really The Bruener, not a lookalike?” “A player who traveled a few months ago is eating chicken ribs and drinking soju,” “This is funnier than Thierry Henry’s water ball header (*Muhanlim),” and “This ‘jjal’ will be posted every time Man City loses.”

In a friendly against Atletico at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on March 30, City dazzled Korean soccer fans with a performance worthy of a top European club by starting all of its squad members.

Elling Holland, Julian Alvarez, Phil Foden, Rodriguez, Kyle Walker, Bernardo Silva, Lubin Dias, and Ederson were all part of the squad that traveled last season.

It’s a short trip for a single game, but there’s a lot going on in the lead-up to the match. Holland had a special meeting with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, or “Uhmland,” as she is known. 파워볼

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