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Due to his career in the independent league and his low salary

But Dawson has been showing amazing performances this season. He is batting .331 (52 hits in 157 at-bats) in 40 games with three home runs, 22 RBIs, 26 runs, 6 steals, and OPS.839. Now, he has become a key hitter in Kiwoom’s batting lineup.

Dawson, who always invigorates the team with a smile, said, “The KBO League is really cool. I am grateful that both home and away fans came to the baseball stadium to cheer hard. The KBO League seems to be a league full of energy. Playing baseball in this atmosphere has been my dream since I was young, and I am happy to realize it in Korea. I love all of the KBO League, Korea, and Seoul,” he said about Korean baseball.

“The cheering culture of the KBO League is a culture that you can’t see in the Major League,” Dawson said. “I was really surprised to see fans cheering in Korea at first.” Personally, baseball should be enjoyed by everyone, but it doesn’t feel like that in the United States. On the contrary, Latin American countries such as the Dominican Republic are similar to Korea because they have a lot of excitement. He said, “I’m having a lot of fun playing baseball now and I think we should introduce this cheering culture to the U.S.”

Dawson, fascinated by the energy of Korean baseball, works hard not only in baseball but also in self-development. “I spend time with my family in the morning and do school assignments,” Dawson said. “I’m taking a class called the history of communication, and it’s a class where I study how people in the past and people in the future communicate. “I’m taking this class because I want to communicate closely with my son,” he explained.

Of course, it is not easy to take university lectures while working as a professional baseball player. Dawson said, “I didn’t finish college in the U.S. So my goal is to graduate from school first. And my sister recently got a doctorate, and I’m jealous of it, so I’m studying hard not to lose,” he said with a smile, explaining why he aims to graduate from college with a smile.

“I think I’m really lucky to be happy and performing well in the KBO League,” Dawson said. “The KBO League is really high-quality and it’s hard to maintain good performance every day. “I will always do my best without losing my joy and joy in the results,” he said, strengthening his resolution for the rest of the season.



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