Friday, 17th May 2024

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Coway Blue Wheels Wins Holt National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament For Second Time in a row

The Holt National Wheelchair Basketball Competition, held annually to commemorate the Day of the Disabled (April 20), was attended by six wheelchair basketball teams from the first division in Korea, including Coway Blue Wheels.

Coway Blue Wheels beat Jeju Samdasoo 60-49 in the final of the Holt National Wheelchair Basketball Competition held at Holt Gymnasium in Goyang City on the 20th to reach the top last year.

Coway Blue Wheels advanced to the semifinals as the group’s No. 1 with ease, winning the Suwon Mugunghwa Electronics and the Chuncheon Tigers by a wide margin of 83 to 45 and 71 to 46, respectively, in the previous group qualifying round. In the semifinals, they defeated Daegu Metropolitan City Hall 54 to 36 to advance to the final and win the championship.

Coway Blue Wheels Wheelchair Basketball Team won the Holt Cup for the first time in a year since its foundation, and also recorded a victory in this year’s tournament, solidifying its position as an emerging prestigious wheelchair basketball club.

Coway Blue Wheels coach Kim Young-moo said, “I am very happy to be able to achieve two consecutive wins in the tournament and thank Coway’s executives and employees who always support and support the team for their hard work even in the difficult training process. As we have a good start to this season, we will once again raise Coway’s Blue Wheels’ status with good results in the rest of the tournament.” 먹튀검증

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