Saturday, 18th May 2024

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“Challenger” KT Wiz won the first round.

For LG, the first day LG Group Chairman Koo Kwang-mo visited and the last winning battery in 1994 Kim Yong-soo and Kim Dong-soo took the wrong step toward winning the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years.

KT, which achieved a reverse sweep in the playoffs, was still hot.

“High-Quality (Ko Young-pyo)” + “Steel Wall bullpen duo” Son Dong-hyun and Park Young-hyun kept their first game victory. It was even hotter amid four consecutive wins in the fall baseball league. In the history of the KBO League, the probability of winning the first game of the Korean Series is 74.4% (29/39).

Choi Won-tae is at the helm of LG. Along with Park Dong-won’s recruitment of FA before the season, it can be said that LG made a decision only to win the Korean Series this year. He gave up ‘promised prospect’ Lee Joo-hyung and put a striped uniform on the burgundy native ace.

In the first half of the season, Kiwoom started 17 games and pitched well with 6 wins, 4 losses and a 3.25 ERA. And I transferred to LG at the end of July.

The appearance of the regular season after the transfer did not meet expectations. Immediately after the transfer, he pitched six scoreless innings against the Doosan Bears on July 30, but his season performance was only three wins, three losses and 6.70 in nine games. 44 ⅓ innings, averaging less than five innings per game.

However, Adam Plutko left at the end of the season, proving that it was a trade that was essential.

Now the team is in crisis. Choi Won-tae should be responsible for Flutko’s empty spot as the second starter. I lost even the first game.

At this very moment, it’s the player for this game. The only thing left to do is to do its part to change the atmosphere.

Cuevas, on the other hand, is an icon of KT’s heart and ace instinct. He renewed his contract after leading KT’s first championship in 2021, but was replaced by an injury last year.

However, when KT wanted him this year, he came back in June. And he started 18 games and played 114 ⅓ innings, putting KT in third place in the regular season with a 2.60 ERA in 12 crew losses.

The postseason is a series of hardships. Cuevas started in the first and fourth playoff games earlier. In the first game, he pitched the worst with seven runs in three innings amid infield errors, and in the fourth game, he pitched six innings with one hit and no run.

It’s too much for Bae Je-sung or Um Sang-baek to come forward. Eventually, he left the heavy burden on Cuevas in anticipation of another turnaround.

Shortly after Game 4 of the playoffs, Cuevas laughed, saying, “I want to take a break next time and take the mound.” This time, he will take the mound after a four-day break. KT has no choice but to expect another replay of the “Miracle of Cuevas.”메이저 토토사이트

Cuevas threw 108 pitches two years ago in the second game of the regular-season doubleheader against NC on Oct. 28. And after just two days off, he started in the first-place match against the Samsung Lions (October 31), throwing 99 pitches in seven innings, striking out eight and throwing no runs.

It was a special reward for the club, which cared for him and his family with utmost care even after losing his father due to COVID-19. In the bottom of the seventh inning, he also hit a 148km fastball and roared immediately after overcoming the crisis. It was a decisive scene that led to KT’s first championship that year.

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