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Can I see the ‘Walkle CB’ line?

“Baran is the goal of Como 1907’s center back. Fabregas wants Baran, and they will try to make it happen,” said Fabregas, a European soccer transfer market expert.

Varane played for Real Madrid for a whopping 10 seasons from the 2011-12 season. Varane used to be called a “world class” center back for Real. Varane lifted numerous trophies at Real including La Liga and UEFA Champions League. He won the title as a member of the French national team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Varane, who had achieved everything at Real, decided that he needed a new motivation. Varane left Real, which he had grown attached to, for Manchester United ahead of the 2021-22 season. Varane has been a key player in Manchester United’s defense since the first season. Varane covered the space behind Manchester United’s defensive line with excellent speed.

After Erik ten Hag took the helm last season, Varane continued to play as a starting member. He played a total of 34 games with Lisandro Martinez. Despite outstanding performances last season, Varane was mired in discord with Ten Hag as he was pushed out of the starting lineup early this season.

In a match against Manchester City in the 10th round of the English Premier League (EPL), Ten Hag started Johnny Evans, not Varane. Ten Hag said after the match that it was a tactical reason, but Varane responded that it was incomprehensible, sparking rumors of discord.

Varane has since regained his starting position at Manchester United but left at the end of the season. Varane is currently a free agent. When he joined Manchester United in the summer of 2021, Varane signed a four-year contract, but it was a three-plus-year contract. As Manchester United did not invoke the option of an extension, Varane became a free agent.토토사이트 모음

Currently, Varane is drawing attention from Como. Como’s manager is Fabregas, who played for big clubs such as Arsenal, Barcelona, and Chelsea. Fabregas played for Como last season and announced his retirement from the team in July 2023. Immediately after his retirement, he took over as coach of Como B team.

Fabregas served as acting coach of the como in November 2023 on the replacement of Moreno Longo. Fabregas led the como to a promotion to Serie A. In June 2024, Fabregas was promoted to full – length manager of the como, and signed a long – term contract with the como.

Fabregas wants two center backs after signing a long-term contract. Mats Hummels and Varane are the main players. Of course, it is not easy to recruit two players. Romano said, “It is not easy because there are several clubs in Europe and abroad that are interested in Varane. Varane will decide his future soon.”

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