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Because of the legend he loved

Madison left Leicester City to join Tottenham in the summer transfer window. Madison, who had previously been considered a Premier League (PL) level midfielder, had enough ability to move to a big club, so he received a lot of attention for his next destination after Leicester was demoted. Madison confirmed his move to Tottenham earlier in the transfer window and moved the team faster than expected.

Tottenham are clearly seeing the effect of signing Madison. Madison, who has shown good performance since the pre-season, is still active as a key resource for Tottenham even after the start of the main season. Medison is placed in the center of the second line, leading the attack by going back and forth between the center and the side, and showing his presence when developing an attack based on a sharp kick or in a set-piece situation. Analysts say that it has added the creativity and set-piece processing skills needed for Tottenham since Christian Eriksen left.

Medison revealed why he chose Tottenham without thinking. In an interview with Britain’s Telegraph, Madison said he admired Gascoyne, who played for Tottenham in the past. Gascoigne is an English genius midfielder who represented England in the 1980 s and 90 s and played for Tottenham from 1988 to 1992.

Madison didn’t see Gascoigne’s active career properly, but he knew what kind of player Gascoigne was due to his father’s influence who especially liked it. It was also the reason why I had no choice but to follow Gascoigne naturally while playing soccer.

Madison said, “I love players with individuality. Gascoigne is a perfect example. For example, when the national anthem was being played, the camera shone on him, and I remember him staring at the camera with his tongue out and his eyes open. I like those behaviors, and I prefer to communicate with fans and reveal my personality.”

“Telegraph” cited the behavior of intentionally placing the ball outside the corner and winking at the fans when Bournemouth fans sang before Madison kicked a corner in the recent away game at Bournemouth. In response, Madison said, “I like the theatrical elements that seem to be a little villain. Those things help me stay at my best,” he said, adding that he enjoys these actions.


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