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The Gwangju Buk-gu Office of Workplace Athletics (Kendo Department) was found to be grossly negligent, including the appointment of athletes by blood relatives and improper use of operating expenses.The Special Committee for Administrative Affairs Investigation of the Gwangju Buk-gu Council announced the results of an administrative affairs investigation into the operation of the Buk-gu Kendo Department on the 28th.As a result of the investigation, two of the players in the Buk-gu Kendo team were confirmed to be the children of Gwangju Kendo Association officials.In particular, 11 of the 19 athletes appointed since 2019 are from Seosukgo and Chosun University, and the committee noted that the selection of athletes was centered on certain relationships, such as academic ties and delays.The committee confirmed that officials of the Gwangju Kendo Association participated as judges in the new and reappointment process and suspected that they were involved in the recruitment of athletes.There were also cases of improper spending on operating expenses such as purchasing kendo equipment and training.The Buk-gu Office of Kendo purchased kendo equipment worth more than 24 million won from two companies five times last year, with some items, such as bamboo swords, costing more than others.

The companies were all operated by people connected to the city’s kendo club, and were identified as ghost businesses that operated abnormally without signage or only registered as businesses in one-room buildings.They were found to have spent more than 19 million won on four training sessions on Jeju Island from December 2019 to June this year, but lacked result reports or supporting documents.A weak system in Buk-gu, which is responsible for management and supervision, was also revealed.When purchasing items such as doboks, hogus, and sportswear, they signed contracts in a piecemeal fashion or avoided contract reviews.In particular, according to the budgeting standards, field workers’ uniforms are set at 200,000 won, but the athletic teams were paid nearly 1 million won per year for expensive clothingTravel expenses were also paid to athletes who participated in special competitions for the purpose of transferring police officers.

The task force identified 27 problems in eight areas, including these issues, and concluded that Buk-gu should completely review its athletic program from the ground up.As a result, the task force recommended that Buk-gu actively consider transferring the operation of the kendo team to the city kendo club.In other words, the district should stop running the team.In its report, the task force explained that “it would be impossible to normalize the operation of the kendo team given the organization and its human relationships that have been established by 34 years of customary operation of an unemployed team in one sport, kendo, in a small community.”

He added that if Buk-gu continues to operate the team, it must find an efficient way to operate and create a systematic management and supervision system.The ad hoc committee plans to adopt the report on May 29 and deliver it to Buk-gu through a plenary session on May 31.Based on the findings, Buk-gu will hold a steering committee for the kendo department to discuss how to discipline those involved and manage the team.Previously, the Buk-gu Council set up a special committee to investigate the sexual misconduct of two kendo players in August this year and conducted a 61-day administrative affairs investigation.Mr. A, who was a member of the Buk-gu Kendo team, was sentenced to three years and six months in prison in the first trial for breaking into an accommodation where a woman in her 20s was staying after meeting her at a bar in July last year and sexually assaulting her.The incident prompted Buk-gu to conduct a special audit of its athletic teams and found that another athlete, Mr. B, had received a deferred prosecution for sexual misconduct in 2021.Both men resigned shortly before the allegations surfaced, 바카라사이트 but Bukugi removed them separately.


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