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‘Advocational Ambassadors for the Prevention of Youth Flights’… a business agreement with the club

Pohang Steelers has signed a business agreement with Pohang Nambu Police Station.

Pohang Steelers signed a business agreement at Pohang Nambu Police Station on the 13th with Choi Jong-jin, the president of the team, and Si Jin-gon, the chief of Pohang Nambu Police Station. The business agreement is aimed at preventing juvenile delinquency such as gambling, drugs, and school violence, which have been rapidly increasing recently.

Through the business agreement, the Pohang Nambu Police Station appointed Hwang In-jae and Lee Ho-jae as “promotional ambassadors for preventing juvenile delinquency.” The two players wore police uniforms and took commemorative photos showing off their dashing figure. The Pohang club and the Pohang Nambu Police Station plan to launch a joint campaign to prevent juvenile delinquency.

Si Jin-gon, chief of Pohang Nambu Police Station, said, “I am happy to be with Pohang Steelers, which represents Pohang. Both agencies will join hands to actively help Pohang youths escape gambling, drugs, and school violence and have a safe school life. We hope that Hwang In-jae and Lee Ho-jae, who are examples of others with their integrity, will have a good influence on the youth.”

Hwang In-jae and Lee Ho-jae said, “It is an honor to join a meaningful campaign with the Pohang Nambu Police Station. I will play the role of ambassadors with a sense of responsibility so that I can be a model for young people.”

Meanwhile, Pohang will play a home game in the 17th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 against Daejeon Hana Citizen at Pohang Steelyard at 6 p.m. on the 15th.토토사이트 모음

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