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’50 million won fine for playing in extra time!’… An unexpected disciplinary crisis

The ‘Lamine Yamal dilemma’ embarrasses Spain

Spain is in an unexpected crisis. The participation of promising youngster Ramin Yamal is in question.

‘Spain risk breaking German law against Albania and could face hefty penalties,’ the UK’s SportsBible reported on April 24.

‘Spain risked breaking German law against Albania and could face hefty penalties,’ SportsBible said. They are currently in their final match of the Euro 2024 group stage against Albania. According to reports, Spain is facing a decision over the availability of Ramin Yamal for the next game.

Spain is one of the dark horses of Euro 2024. While they’re not a clear favorite to win the tournament, they’re considered to be a formidable force thanks to their mix of new and old talent, as well as their young players. One player in particular who has caught the eye of fans is Barcelona youngster Yamal.

The 2007-born forward is considered Barcelona’s new hope. He’s broken all sorts of records for the youngest player in the world, and he’s already showing great promise in the Barcelona first team. Barcelona has also taken advantage of his youth and used him in important situations.

The same was true for the Spanish national team. Already a member of the senior squad since last September, Yamal has been a regular in the final Euro 2024 roster. Starting the Euro 2024 Group B first leg against Croatia, Yamal became the youngest player to make a Euro appearance (16 years, 338 days) and assisted on the team’s third goal to become the youngest player to score an offensive point at the tournament.

However, claims have emerged that Yamal’s participation could be a problem for the Spanish national team in the future. The stumbling 토토 block was German law. By law, Germany does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to work after 8pm. According to reports, players are allowed to do so until 11 p.m., but that’s a tight deadline, as it includes both personal grooming and interviews afterward.

So in Germany’s final group game against Albania, which kicks off at 9pm local time, Yamal could be in violation of German law if he starts and plays the full time. In addition, if the game goes to extra time and Yamal plays, he could face sanctions in the later rounds of the tournament.

“If the German authorities decide to take action, the Spanish national team could be fined 30,000 euros (about $50,000),” SportsBible explained.

However, it was also claimed that Germany may not prevent Yamal from playing due to special circumstances. “Considering that Yamal’s situation is not 슬롯사이트 harmful, it would be a surprise if the German authorities take action against Spain,” the outlet concluded.

Meanwhile, Yamal has reportedly been doing homework and other assignments to keep up with his school work while competing in the tournament.

It will be important for Spain, as well as the fans watching them, that Yamal is able to compete at the highest level in Europe while still in school.


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