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Three middle school students playing basketball were killed and one injured when a gym collapsed in Heilongjiang province, China, which was under a red alert for heavy snowfall on Nov. 6, state news agency Xinhua reported on Nov. 7.According to the report, a gym in Hua Nan County, Jamutsu City, Heilongjiang Province, collapsed at around 7 p.m. the previous day. Seven middle school students were playing basketball inside the gym at the time of the collapse, and three of them rushed out when the building showed signs of collapse, saving themselves from being crushed. One of them was rescued by firefighters 50 minutes later, but the other three were found dead. “I thought there was an explosion when I heard a ‘bang’,” said a merchant near the gym. “The whole roof collapsed, and the exterior walls were damaged in many places.” A video posted on social media showed the gym in ruins, with the entire roof collapsed and only the walls remaining standing. The gym had two floors (2,000 square meters), and local authorities estimated the collapse to be 500 square meters.

Local authorities have arrested those responsible for operating the gym and are investigating the cause of the accident .On the day of the accident, Heilongjiang was under a heavy snowfall red alert. According to the local meteorological observatory, more than 30 millimeters of snow fell across Harbin over the course of the day, breaking the city’s all-time record as of early November. Some counties in Harbin received more than 50 millimeters of snow, with Fangzheng County recording 52.5 millimeters of snowfall. In Zamutsu, the city where the accident occurred, 15 millimeters of snow fell in six hours, prompting a heavy snowfall red alert at 5:30 p.m. that day. “A lot of snow had accumulated on the roof of the collapsed gymnasium,” local media reported, adding, “It has not yet been confirmed whether the collapse was related to the heavy snowfall.” Earlier, on July 23, a gymnasium at No. 34 Middle School in Qiqihair City, Heilongjiang Province, collapsed, burying 15 members of the school’s girls’ volleyball team, four of whom managed to escape on their own, but 11 were killed .With temperatures plummeting below freezing along with heavy snowfall, Heilongjiang has also seen frostbite deaths. At 6:37 a.m. on July 7, a man was found dead in an alley in Bori County, Qitaihe City .He was found just 10 meters away from his home. Local police said he had been drinking 카지노사이트 alcohol before he died, and they are investigating the cause of death.

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