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2024 Baekje Muwangbae Life Sports Basketball Competition to be held on July 20-21 in Iksan-si, South Korea

Iksan is hosting a national-level sports basketball tournament that will heat up the summer days.

From July 20 (Sat) to 21 (Sun), the ‘2024 Baekje Muwangbae Basketball Tournament’ will be held at Iksan Palbong Gymnasium on both days.

The tournament, which will be held in Iksan City, the home of the Baekje spirit, is a national-level living sports basketball tournament for purely amateur enthusiasts organized and hosted by Iksan City, the Iksan Basketball Association, and the 카지노사이트킴 Iksan Sports Association.

Teams with the best skills gather from all over the country, not only from Iksan, but also from the neighboring cities of Jeonju, Jeong-eup, and Gunsan, and from as far away as Daejeon, Cheongju, Incheon, and Pocheon. Incheon’s Blue Wings, a nationally recognized team, will also be participating in the tournament.

The tournament is organized and hosted by the Iksan City Basketball Association, with Molten serving as the tournament official. In addition, Jeonbuk Special Self-Governing Province, Iksan City, Ait Sports, KT Dakyung, and others will sponsor the tournament to make it a rich event.

The Iksan Basketball Association‘s new attempt to create a differentiated tournament compared to other city and provincial sports basketball tournaments also stands out. To promote the tournament, the Iksan Basketball Association created a promotional video using cartoons to publicize the tournament and introduce Iksan’s restaurants and tourist attractions.

Iksan Basketball Association President Kim Hyung-seop, who spearheaded the tournament, said, “We are pleased to host the national club basketball tournament in Iksan. The members of the Iksan Basketball Association put their heads together and gathered ideas to promote this tournament as befits a national club basketball tournament. We, the Iksan Basketball Association, also want to create a tournament that will bring fun and joy to the participating teams and players,” he said.

The winning team will receive a prize of 1 million won, the runner-up team will receive 500,000 won, and the third-place teams will receive 300,000 won each.


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