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“You’ve only been pregnant twice, so why worry more?” Criticism pours in Heo Woong’s side recants, “We were planning to get married”

Busan KCC Heo Woong

Professional basketball player Heo Woong’s side has reversed its position after criticism that he was evading responsibility by postponing his marriage to his ex-girlfriend who was pregnant twice. On the

27th, Heo Woong’s legal representative, attorney Kim Dong-hyung, explained to the Kookmin Ilbo, “Heo Woong tried to get married each time his ex-girlfriend A got pregnant twice.

Attorney Kim stated, “In the first statement, the part where Heo Woong said, ‘Let’s think about marriage a little more’ is incorrect,” implying that he had never evaded responsibility.

In the first statement released on the 26th, Heo Woong’s side stated that A’s threats began when he said that he would take responsibility for the pregnant woman, but that he should think about marriage. After criticism poured in, such as “How can you take responsibility when you are not married,” “You are passing on responsibility for pregnancy,” and “Irresponsible behavior,” you changed your previous position.

According to Attorney Kim, Heo Woong met Mr. A through an acquaintance in late 2018, and their relationship developed into a romantic relationship. However, due to differences in her personality and her parents’ opposition, they met and broke up several times and broke up around December 2021. 메이저사이트

Attorney Kim stated in a press release that Ms. A had become pregnant twice while dating Heo Woong. During her first pregnancy, Heo Woong promised to take responsibility for Ms. A and her child, but she decided to terminate the pregnancy on her own, saying that Ms. A wanted to have her child after her marriage, Attorney Kim explained. .

Afterwards, even when Ms. A revealed her second pregnancy in May 2021, Heo Woong asked her to give birth, and Ms. A reportedly insisted that she get married before giving birth. When Heo Woong said, “I think I need to think a little more about marriage,” Mr. A suddenly changed his attitude and began demanding 300 million won, saying he would expose Heo Woong’s private life to the media and social media. After mutual agreement, Ms. A underwent a second artificial abortion. Attorney Kim said, “Heo Woong tried to live his life with a sense of responsibility for Mr. A’s artificial abortion, but Mr. A’s blackmail and threats continued and became more severe day by day, Mr. A’s history with men, Mr. A’s self-harm and violence, “We ended up breaking up due to reasons such as a breakdown in trust between the lovers and opposition from both parents,” he said. 토토사이트

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