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“Save, save, save” Griezmann, Morata tongue-in-cheek, Lee Chang-geun shows off his saves

Save, save, save… Atletico Madrid’s strikers were relentless in Lee Chang-geun’s spiritual defense.

The 27th. At 8:00 p.m. at Seoul World Cup Stadium, 토토 the first leg of the 2023 Coupang Play Series was played by the K-League and Atletico Madrid. That day, both teams launched an all-out war with their elite members.

Since the first half, Atletico Madrid has played a consistently dominant game. The Atlético Madrid, with Rodrigo De Paul, the main player of the 2022 World Cup, as well as Antoine Griezmann, Koke and Tomar Lemar as starters, had to improve their organization and condition in the pre-season, but Team K with excellent matching skills and individual skills.

In the first half, however, only one goal was scored by Atlético. Because Lee Chang-geun didn’t allow more than one goal. Since the second minute of the first half, the true value of Lee Chang-geun has been revealed. De Paul’s mid-range shot, which flew out of the corner kick, was shot the way it was. However, this was only the prelude to Lee Chang-geun’s highlights.

Although Lemar’s opening goal is 12. Minute of the first half allowed, this goal was also awarded with a second ball after Griezmann’s shot was blocked, and then Samuel Reno and Morata’s header became in 19. Minute of the first half blocked.

Lee Chang-geun’s performance continued confidently. After blocking Hermoso and Savic’s crucial header in the 35th and 36th minutes of the first half, Lee Chang-geun also blocked Reno’s header in the 39th minute of the first half, which showed Atletico the potential of the best goalkeeper in the K-League.

In addition to the rescue, Lee Chang-geun was also involved in the rise of the defense and showed an impressive performance in the attack and defense, announcing the birth of a new star after Yang Hyun-jun last year.

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