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Park Jeong-ah Laughed at the Derby Pepper Savings Bank Defeated Road Corporation 3-2 in a Full Set Close Match

 Pepper Savings Bank achieved its first win of the season in two games thanks to the performance of key players.

Pepper Savings Bank won a close match against Korea Expressway Corporation in the first round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Women’s Division held at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju on the 19th, with a set score of 3-2 (25-22 20-25 19-25 25-17 15). -13) and won. 

The season record is 1 win and 1 loss. The Korea Expressway Corporation, satisfied with only one point, fell into two consecutive losses.

Among both teams, Vanja Bukiric, a foreign player from the Korea Road Corporation, scored the most points (32 points), but was disappointed by the team’s loss. 

Pepper Savings Bank’s Yasmin Bedart and Park Jeong-ah played well with 27 and 19 points, respectively, and Lee Han-bi (12 points) and Phillips (10 points) also did their part.

– Pepper Savings Bank: Outside heater Park Jeong-ah – Middle blocker Yeom Er-heung – Apogee spiker Yasmin Bedart – Outside heater Lee Han-bi – Middle blocker MJ Phillips – Setter Go-eun Go – Libero Oh Ji-young The match between the two teams is ‘ While the ‘Park Jung-ah Derby’ attracted attention, Pepper Savings Bank, which lost 1-3 in the first game against Hyundai Engineering & Construction, did not make any major changes. 

I had high expectations for Park Jeong-ah’s performance as she meets her former team. 

Lee Han-bi and Yeom Eo-le-heung appeared as starters for two consecutive games. 

Road construction: Outside heater Tanacha is soaring – Apogee spiker Moon Jeong-won – Middle blocker Kim Se-bin – Outside heater Bukirich – Setter Park Eun-ji – Middle blocker Bae Yu-na – Libero Myung-ok Lim The road construction team, which played the season opening game at home, lost 0-3 to Heungkuk Life Insurance .

As they had suffered a shutout loss, the key was to quickly turn the situation around. 

There was a change compared to the previous game. Kim Se-bin got the chance to replace Choi Ga-eun, who was not in good condition. 

He enjoyed the honor of being selected first in the first round in the 2023-2024 rookie draft and took on an important role.

The team that took the lead first was the road construction company. At 4-4 in the first set, Bae Yu-na’s quick attack and Yasmin’s back attack error resulted in consecutive points. Pepper Savings Bank also launched a counterattack. 

Starting with Moon Jeong-won’s poor serve, they immediately succeeded in turning the tables by scoring 4 points in a row. 

At 15-13, Yasmin and Lee Hanbi’s quick opening widened the gap, and at 18-14, Yasmin blocked Bukiric’s attack and ran away to a 5-point gap. 카지노사이트

The road construction company, which was trailing by 5 points, caught up by 2 points with Kim Se-bin’s fast attack, Bukiric’s open attack, and Moon Jeong-won’s serve ace.

 At 19-22, Tanacha and Jeon Sae-yan’s consecutive goals and Bukiric’s back attack balanced the score at 22-22. 

However, Pepper Savings Bank reached the set point with Lee Go-eun’s open attack and Tanacha’s mistake, and Yasmin put the finishing touches on it. Coach Joe Tringe also smiled at the first set victory.

Yasmin and Hanbi Lee combined to score 10 points in the first set alone, while Pepper Savings Bank took a large lead of 4-1 in the number of blocks. On the other hand, for the road construction team, Bukiric scored 8 points, the most for both teams, but the team’s 9 errors hindered the team.

Pepper Savings Bank was slightly ahead until the beginning of the second set, but Korea Highway Corporation, which was losing 9-11, turned the game around with 4 consecutive points. At 15-14, he scored 4 points, including Bukiric’s back attack, to widen the distance to 19-14.

Pepper Savings Bank tried to catch up with Yasmin’s quick open and blocking at 18-22, but Ha Hye-jin’s serve went off the line, and Yasmin’s quick open attempt also failed. In the end, Jeon Sae-yan, who blocked Lee Han-bi’s attack, finished the second set.

The road construction team worked hard with Jeon Sae-yan and Ko Ui-jeong scoring 5 points each. Yasmin scored 8 points alone, but Pepper Savings Bank made 7 mistakes, and the attack success rate was 38.46%, which was lower than the road construction company (46.87%).

Road Corporation, which was leading 13-11, slowly ran away thanks to Bukirich’s back attack, Bae Yu-na’s blocking, and Ko Ui-jeong’s open attack. After a technical timeout, Park Jeong-ah committed an error and was unable to receive Moon Jeong-won’s serve, and with Go Ui-jeong’s score added, the game tilted toward additional road construction.

The road construction company reached the 20-point mark at 19-12 thanks to Bukiric’s back attack. Pepper Savings Bank seemed to be keeping the chase alive with consecutive scores at 16-22, but at 23-19, ‘Rookie’ Kim Se-bin stopped the opponent’s pursuit with a fast break score and serve ace.

Bukiric led the team with 9 points in the 3rd set, and Kim Se-bin also showed his presence with 4 points. Park Jeong-ah, who scored 5 points, gradually improved her condition, but the shine faded due to the team’s loss.

When Pepper Savings Bank started the 4th set with consecutive scores from Park Jeong-ah and Yasmin, road construction manager Kim Jong-min immediately called for a timeout and broke the ice. However, Go-eun Lee’s serve ace exploded, and Pepper Savings Bank took a 3-0 lead. Then, the road construction company balanced the score at 4-4 with Lee Han-bi’s error and Bae Yu-na and Bukiric’s scores, and the two teams fought a tight game until the middle of the set.

Pepper Savings Bank, which was leading 13-15, made a comeback with Phillips’ goal, Park Eun-ji’s error, and Park Jeong-ah’s open attack. The momentum continued with consecutive blocking by Phillips and Park Jeong-ah, and the fourth set ended with six points down at 19-17.

Park Jung-ah, who finished the warm-up in the third set, was responsible for 7 points alone, and Phillips also contributed with 4 points. In particular, Pepper Savings Bank, which had a 5-0 lead in the number of blocks, showed an overwhelming performance in terms of height. The road construction company missed the opportunity to gain three points.

In the fateful 5th set, Pepper Savings Bank took the lead at 2-2 thanks to scores from Eunseo Park and Yasmin, and scored 2 points thanks to Eunseo Park’s open attack and Hyejin Ha’s serve ace. added more. At 6-3, Pepper Savings Bank came closer to victory thanks to Bukiric’s mistake, Park Eun-seo’s quick open, and Bae Yu-na’s mistake.

The Korea Expressway Corporation, which wanted to overcome the 6-point disadvantage, put pressure on Pepper Savings Bank by catching up to the 1-point gap thanks to the performances of domestic players such as Bae Yu-na and Ko Ui-jeong. However, Pepper Savings Bank reached the match point due to Go Eui-jeong’s serve error, and the game ended at 14-13 with Lee Ye-eun’s serve error.

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