Friday, 17th May 2024

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Kim Yong-hwan, a defender of the K League 2 Jeonnam Dragons who pushed the female referee with both hands during the game, was suspended.

The Korea Professional Football Federation said on the 18th, “We have suspended Kim Yong-hwan, who exercised tangible power against the referee during the game, from 14 days to the official K-League game.”

Earlier on the 14th, Kim Yong-hwan was judged to be foul when he pushed his arm from behind while competing with Roh Kyung-ho in the seventh round of the K League 2 2024 against the Ansan Greeners in Gwangyang. After the referee’s decision, when Kim Yong-hwan headed to Roh Kyung-ho, Park Se-jin, who was concerned about a physical fight, approached Kim Yong-hwan to restrain him, and Kim Yong-hwan pushed Park’s shoulder with both hands.

The footage of Noh pushing back referee Park Se-jin was broadcasted on the television, drawing criticism from fans. Some fans criticized Kim Yong-hwan for acting violently, considering that the female referee was an easy target. Some fans criticized the female referee in the English Premier League, comparing him to the player holding his back for fear that the referee would be seen as physical force.

Suspension of activities is a provisional measure to temporarily set a person’s activities related to the K-League when it is difficult for the committee to deliberate on an irregularity that causes social controversy or undermines the value of the K-League. Kim Yong-hwan, who received only a warning during the game, is not allowed to play from the eighth round match to be held this weekend due to the latest measure. The Korea Professional Football Association plans to hold a committee meeting next week to take official disciplinary action.

The reward and punishment committee held on the day also imposed disciplinary action on Kim Jeong-ho of Ansan FC after he was suspended for two games. Kim committed a foul by hitting his opponent’s lower abdomen while he was standing up after falling in the second half of the match against Jeonnam FC.

The Korea Football Associations referee committee said at a meeting of its professional evaluation panel that Kims actions constitute a foul that threatens the safety of his opponent and should be subject to his dismissal. The committee decided to suspend him from two games by combining the results of the evaluation and opinions of the federation`s technical committee. 토토사이트

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