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Jamaica Fast Track Legalizes Online Gambling

The Jamaican government is prioritizing plans to legalize online gambling, officials said at the Caribbean game show and summit. They want to see the growing perspective on the development of the iGaming field and make good use of them by legalizing online gambling for all citizens and guests in Caribbean countries.

According to Jamaican Finance and Public Services Minister Audley Shaw, who issued a statement at the meeting, steps have already been taken to speed up the legalization process, and the national government is looking forward to creating online gambling within the law. He made it clear that the iGaming service will be introduced to the public under appropriate supervision conditions.

This environment will be provided by the Betting, Game, and Lottery Commission, which is currently implementing the regulations required by the licensing system, and the supervision required to regulate in the most convenient way for operators operating in the interactive game sector.

We will take all necessary steps to preemptively block problems such as money laundering, scary funding for crime and illegal activities. The government fully recognizes the possibility that some invention offenders can easily obtain money to achieve illegal purposes by using online gambling, or launder money obtained in the same way.

That’s why Jamaica’s diverse business stakeholders, including banks and large corporations, need to scrutinize all possible outcomes and come up with strategies to minimize risk, and small and medium-sized companies have also taken steps to improve their own management and monitoring systems.

Audley Shaw says there are two major investors who are very interested in providing all the support needed for Internet gambling in Jamaica, and the government has already spoken to most of them to discuss their professional partnership. Looking at the big prospects for Jamaica’s online gambling industry, these investors are willing to make efforts and provide all their resources.

The Caribbean government has already met with two investors at international level and proceeded with applications for qualifications for integrated resource development. Government officials aim to approve the bill before the planned three-way merger of the Betting Games and Lottery Commission, the Jamaican Horse Racing Commission and the Casino Games Commission. It should be completed by the end of 2017 and will lead to the birth of a single governing body, which goes by the name of the Jamaican Games Committee.



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