Monday, 24th June 2024

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Gyeonggi State dominates Para soccer for second year in a row

Gyeonggi Province won its second consecutive title in the soccer event at the 18th National Para Sports Games.

Led by head coach Lee Jae-kwon, the Gyeonggi-do team drew 2-2 with Chungbuk in the semifinals of the tournament, which was held at the Mokpo International Football Center for four days from the 15th of this month, and then tied 1-1 with Seoul in the final, 현금홀덤사이트 but won 3-1 in penalty kicks to take the top spot.

“As the students from each school gathered through the selection tournament accumulated reinforcement training and training camps for a month and a half, they were able to win the championship by strengthening their organizational strength as one team,” said Lee Jae-kwon. “The students’ passion and effort for football, as well as the efforts and dedication of the teachers from each school who supported them, produced a wonderful result of a gold medal. I pay my respects to all of them.”

Kim Hyo-sik, President of the Gyeonggi-do Para Football Association, said, “I am grateful to the players and coaches who did their best to reach the top, as it is not easy for players with strong personalities and different athletic environments to come together to build teamwork and show their skills.” “I would like to thank them once again for overcoming the difficulties of each game and showing the strength of Gyeonggido by winning two consecutive titles,” he said.

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