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‘Foreign Manager Video Interview’ Football Association Speeds Up Selection of Commander

Interviews are conducted with both domestic and foreign directors. The final decision on appointment rests with Chairman Chung Mong-gyu.

The process of selecting the next head coach for the Korean national soccer team is in its final stages. Interviews are being conducted with domestic and international coaches, picking up speed.

A Korea Football Association official said in a phone call with Newsis on the 28th, “After the 10th meeting of the Power Reinforcement Committee, the minimum number of candidates was selected and interviews began.” He added,

“The candidates were selected based on recommendations and agreements from the Power Reinforcement Committee. Interviews will be conducted via video and face-to-face, and negotiations will be held regardless of whether the coach is domestic or foreign.” 슬롯사이트

The appointment of a formal manager is expected as early as next week, but if there are variables in the negotiation process, it is expected to be delayed.

The work of appointing the next manager was led by Chairman of the Power Reinforcement Committee, Jeong Hae-seong, but the final decision-making authority lies with Chairman Jeong Mong-gyu. The Korea

Football Association should not forget the mistakes and failures experienced during the time of former manager Jurgen Klinsmann and make the right decision, even if it is late.

The vacancy in the commanding position has lasted four months since former manager Klinsmann was dismissed in February after failing to win the ‘2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup. In the meantime, Korea had managers Hwang Sun-hong and Kim Do-hoon take the temporary baton during the second round of the Asian region qualifiers for the ‘2026 International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) North and Central America World Cup. The Power Reinforcement Committee is known to have held 10 meetings centered around Chairman Jeong and narrowed down the list of candidates for the next manager and is currently conducting interviews. The biggest issue is the salary. The actual salary that the Korea Football Association can actually spend is known to be around 3 billion won, but with this amount, it is impossible to bring in a foreign manager that one likes. This is also the reason why various foreign managers such as Jesse Marsh (USA), Senol Gunes (Turkiye), and Jesus Casas (Spain) have been mentioned as candidates but have not made any progress. Currently, the domestic faction is gaining weight, and Manager Kim Do-hoon, who has experience as an interim manager, and Manager Hong Myung-bo, who led Ulsan HD of the professional soccer K League 1 to the championship, are being mentioned as candidates. After deciding on a new manager, the Korea Football Association will begin pickling for the next World Cup. Korea, which advanced to the third round of the ‘2026 FIFA North & Central America World Cup’, was included in Group B along with Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Palestine, and Kuwait as a result of the group draw on the 27th. Korea, ranked 22nd in the FIFA rankings, avoided Japan (17th) and Iran (20th), as well as difficult opponents such as Australia (23rd), Saudi Arabia (56th), Uzbekistan (62nd), and the United Arab Emirates (UAE, 69th). However, since all of the opponents in Group B are from the Middle East, including Jordan (68th), which gave them a shocking defeat at the 2023 AFC Asian Cup, as well as Iraq (55th), and Oman (76th), unexpected variables may arise. Korea should quickly appoint a new coach and focus on preparing for the third round of qualifying. The third round of the 2026 North and Central America World Cup will be held in a home-and-away format from September to June of next year, and if they finish in second place or higher, they can secure a spot in the main tournament. 파친코사이트

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