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“First place in the group, round of 16! This performance is a special achievement.”

Austrian national football coach Ralf Rangnick showed satisfaction with reaching the tournament as the group number one after the Netherlands match.

Austria, led by head coach Rangnick, won 3-2 against the Netherlands in the third round of Group D of Euro 2024 at Olympiastadion in Berlin early on the 26th (Korea time). Austria defeated the Netherlands after a fierce battle, with only two goals made by Cody Gakpo in the second half and Memphis Depay in the 30th minute thanks to Dutch Donyl Malan’s own goal in the 6th minute, Romano Schmidt in the 14th minute, and Marcel Javicher in the 35th minute.

Thanks to the victory, Austria had a 2-1 record in Group D, beating France and the Netherlands and enjoying the joy of reaching the tournament as No. 1 in the group.

According to UEFA, Rangnick said, “We were a more worthy team to win. Overall, we had a strong will to win, and we felt that power overall,” adding, “We maintained our style and always found opportunities to advance.”

“It’s incredible to win first place in the most difficult group. Unfortunately, we started the tournament with an own goal against France, but we overcame all pressure to win against Poland, and we won again this time. It’s special to finish the group stage as No. 1 in the group,” he said.토토사이트 추천

Lastly, Rangnick stressed that players should not be complacent about the result. “Players have to continue what they have done so far. They are showing what to do when key players are not on the starting list. When I see players’ performances, I have no choice but to take off my hat to pay respect to them,” Rangnick said.

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