Saturday, 18th May 2024

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Both Kunimoto and Jonatan were decided to be released before the official disciplinary action of the Korea Professional Football Federation came out.

This is proof that K-League clubs are aware of the seriousness of drunk driving.

However, Suwon FC’s movement is a little different.

Suwon FC’s foreign player Lars was caught drunk driving early on the 7th of the 7th. It was a bolt from the blue for Suwon FC. Las is a key player for Suwon FC. We have been together since 2020 when Suwon FC was in the K League 2. He has scored nine goals and five assists in 22 games this year.

Recently, as he became entangled in rumors of a transfer, he broke the heart of the coaching staff with an unfaithful attitude. As his performance also hit rock bottom, coach Kim Do-kyun did not put him in the match against Gwangju FC on July 22. After the meeting, he had survived by scoring a goal in the 25th round of the K League 1 against Suwon Samsung on the 5th.

Suwon FC urgently held a team management committee after Las was caught drunk driving, and chose to exclude training and games, not terminate the contract immediately.

The additional registration period for players in the K League has already ended. Suwon FC must play the rest of the season without Las.

On the other hand, if the contract is terminated, Las can find a new team as an FA. Earlier, there were cases in which Portugal and Jonathan headed to India after Kunimoto was released. In addition, the K League has closed its transfer market, but leagues such as Europe have not yet closed its transfer market.

Suwon FC explained, “We will hold a team management committee again on the 10th to make a final decision after the results of the federation’s reward and punishment committee, in response to the opinion that the termination of the contract without any conditions, such as in the case of other clubs, does not help prevent a recurrence in the future.”메이저 토토사이트

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