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Another big leaguer is about to be born Gangwon FC, high school senior Yang Min-hyeok in negotiations with EPL club

Another English Premier League (EPL) player is expected to be born in the Korean football world.

Gangwon FC CEO Kim Byung-ji announced on the 27th that high school senior striker Yang Min-hyeok is in negotiations for a transfer to a prestigious English Premier League (EPL) club.

On this day, CEO Kim said through Gangwon FC YouTube Live, “We are currently negotiating with a ‘big club’ in the EPL regarding Yang Min-hyeok’s transfer,” and “It seems that negotiations are currently in a positive state and about 70-80% complete.

Kim said, “The negotiations are not over yet, so I don’t know what will happen, but even if Yang Min-hyeok signs a contract in the summer, he probably won’t transfer this time.” He added, “ 카지노사이트

Due to the confidentiality clause with the EPL clubs that we are currently negotiating with, I cannot explain the detailed schedule, but the results of the transfer negotiations for both players will come out around July or August.

However, since transfer negotiations can fall through even in the final stages, Kim did not reveal the specific team names.

If the negotiations go through as planned, the two players are likely to wear the Gangwon uniform and play in the K-League until the end of this season before moving on to the EPL. Kim continued, “The basic condition for the negotiations is to create an environment where Yang Min-hyeok can grow into a valuable asset to Korean soccer,” emphasizing, “It is important to guarantee an environment where he can grow after the transfer.” Yang Min-hyeok, who is currently attending Gangneung Jeil High School, is recognized for his skills and contributions this season, and he signed an official professional contract with Gangwon FC six months early on the 17th. 토토사이트 순위

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